We'll Get 20-200 "Ready To Buy" Leads Chasing Your Business Every Month - Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back!

Only $550 A Month. Leads Flowing From Facebook & Google Within 10 Days.

Will This Work For Your Business?
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15,347 LEADS GENERATED in 2017

Dear Business Owner,

Are you looking to grow your business this year?

Are you sick and tired of spending your money on marketing and online advertising that leaves your pockets empty?

Well, how does this sound?…

  • Get 20-200 Hot Leads in Landing in Your Inbox & Calling Your Phones Each Month Using The Power of Google & Facebook Advertising
  • Qualified Leads Generated Directly From Your Website – These aren’t generic “leads” farmed out to multiple sales people, they’re hungry prospects who’ve asked specifically to talk to your business!
  • Consistent Monthly Leads – You’ll have consistent revenue and busy sales people every single month.
  • No Lock In Contracts, Low Fees & Fast Results – Leads Flowing Within 10 Days

Sound good? Well, that’s exactly what we offer!

You only pay for the results and we take on the risk – just like a REAL expert should.

And, what’s more, you can be sure that the leads you are getting are fantastic because we record every single lead from source through to sale… so you can see where your leads are coming from, which one’s were generated by us, and which ones convert into sales.

Luke Tadich
Grand Landscapes, Dream Courts

“We have been working with James and his team at AgencyMates for about 2 years now and in that time he has exploded the growth of 2 of my businesses – one in landscaping, another in basketball courts.

With the basketball courts business he took it from nothing to 5+ leads a day in about 5 days and within 90 days we were employing multiple people to fulfil orders and close deals!

I never hesitate in recommending James to my colleagues because his team get the job done fast, and with no excuses like other providers I have worked with.”

Marketing Manager
Spec Air, Melbourne

“The team at out of the box took our air conditioning leads from 14 a month to 200 a month in just 6 weeks. They’re fantastic leads too – these people are so keen to speak to us they often call us before we get a chance to call them.”

Ultimate You, Melbourne

“They (AgencyMates) setup a custom funnel for my business to drive leads from Facebook. In the first week I got forty prospects, 20 leads and 8 sales of my highest priced ($8k) program!

We have now expanded the campaign and opened 5 other gyms of the back of this campaign since it’s launch 6 months ago – and it consistently delivers 10-20 leads a day!”

Will This Work For Your Business?
(Just Answer 7 Simple Questions To Find Out)

Dr. Fiona Tadich
Evolving Chiropractic
Mt Evelyn VIC

“The team at Local Chiro sent us over 133 leads in just over 30 days, with more than 40% converting into paid appointments.

Our appointment book is now full two weeks in advance – so we had to ask to turn it off temporarily why we build a new consulting room! They’re fantastic leads too – they are happy to receive our calls.”

Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson Blinds

“This has by far been the most successful marketing and lead generation I have ever done for my business – being 5 times more successful than any other campaign I’ve run with other providers.

Like most small businesses, I’d jumped from one provider to the other and never been happy with the results, but decided to give James and his team a try after being referred by a mutual client.

The results James and his team provided in just 2 weeks were astounding. The landing page and questionnaire they built drove more top quality qualified leads than I’ve ever had, and a number of phone calls as well.

ven with my modest budget of $550 a month on ads he has been able to deliver a large return on investment.”

Xavier Sloan
Business Development Manager
The Successful Investor

“Within 14 days Out Of the Box had generated us 10 of the best and most qualified property investor leads we’ve had – with 4 to 5 times the conversion rate of our other lead sources.

We have just scaled up to a monthly order of 30+ leads. Thanks guys!”

Will This Work For Your Business?
(Just Answer 7 Simple Questions To Find Out)

Matt McIlrath
Roof Gutter Cleaning Melbourne

“When we decided to meet changeover James, we weren’t really “unhappy” with our current provider, but a review from James told us we could be getting much more for our money.

Since he was referred by a friend and I’d seen what he had done for his business, I decided to give him a shot to see what he could do.

The results were apparent within 7 days – we were getting 2x the amount of leads for the same spend, and he was even able to split our leads to allocate more budget to our higher profit locations.

We were astounded and James and his team have consistently delivered more than 100 top quality leads a month – and we constantly have to pause the campaigns so we can handle all the work.”

Klaudia Slusarczyk
Platinum Chiropractic Centre

“We started using James’ services in mid-2017 after hearing about him through a colleague.

Our existing provider was expensive the service was lacking – we are so glad we made the switch!

James & his team were able to generate us 94 leads in our first month for our regional practice, and we have since opened two more in Melbourne.

For those we got 51 leads and 59 leads in their first months – it has really helped us kick off our practices and fill up our appointment books. Thanks James!”

We Guarantee Our Work - Or Your Money Back!

In fact, we’re so confident that we’ll send you bucket-loads of hungry, “ready to buy” prospects that…

  1. We guarantee to have paid for ourselves with 30 days – or we refund your money
  2. Only after the first month, once you have got results do we collect majority of our fee – and if you aren’t happy with the service you can walk away and pay nothing!

This helps with your cash-flow and also proves we are serious about getting the result.

Will This Work For Your Business?
(Just Answer 7 Simple Questions To Find Out)

My Name Is James Jackson & It’s Great To Meet You!

My name is James Jackson, and I am the managing director of Agency Mates based in Melbourne Australia.

As a business owner myself, I can appreciate the frustration of trying to grow your business and trying to find a marketing provider you can trust that doesn’t break the bank – I’ve been in business for just shy of 10 years myself!

In that time I have developed a real passion for helping businesses just like yours to grow using proven, tested marketing methods that generate fantastic results.

Over the last 9 years we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars testing and trailing all kinds of advertising, and marketing to get top quality customers for the best possible price.

After you have read our happy client stories, and our guarantee, I hope that you are persuaded to give us a shot so that I have the privilege of helping you grow your business.

I love nothing more than chatting to happy clients who have their inbox getting flooded with leads!

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Must Read Before Going Any Further

Due to the nature of our offer, we do get flooded with leads and to save your time and mine there are some things that I want you to know before you get in touch:

  1. Our Guarantee Is 100% Real & That Means We Can’t Say “YES” to everyone – we return less than 10% of our first month fees to new customers, which means 9/10 campaigns are a success. To maintain this high hit rate we have a simple “questionnaire” we ask you to fill out (here is a link for you) so we can tell you immediately whether we can help. No messing around with high pressure sales calls.
  2. We NEVER work with your competitors – you own your own geographic area and we don’t promote multiple businesses in the same space using the same method.
  3. We put as much money as possible into making your campaign better – this means that rather than weekly or fortnightly strategy calls, we provide you access to an online portal where you can view reports, see all your leads and request changes to your campaigns. We are available by phone should you need something urgently, but prefer to focus on delivering high quality work than fielding phone calls all day.

Will This Work For Your Business?
(Just Answer 7 Simple Questions To Find Out)

Common Questions You May Have

“Can you help my business specifically?”

Yes, there’s an extremely good chance we can help you with guaranteed leads, if you…

  • Have an average sale size of $100 or greater
  • Have a budget of at least $500 a month to spend on ads on top of our fees of $500 per month
  • Aren’t selling MLM – We DO NOT generate network marketing leads
  • You aren’t primarily an ecommerce business

To find for sure, click the button below, answer a few short questions and we’ll tell you exactly what sort of results we can expect for you.

“Do you specialise in any industries?”

We absolutely kick-butt at all forms of home services or services that involve in generating quotes for homeowners.

This includes blinds, security, pest control, landscaping, decking, roofing, turf, carpet cleaning, air conditioning to name just a few.

Having said that, we also work with a lot of doctors, chiropractors, some gyms, finance professionals and education.

There are also industries that we typically say “no” to, which include RTO’s, property investing and solar. But, there are some exceptions in this.

The easiest way to find out if we can help you is answer a few questions on our questionnaire here and we will tell you within 24 hours.

“I have a digital marketing provider already, does that matter?”

Absolutely not – it gives us a good base to start from and build off.

9 times out of 10 we are able to increase your leads 50-200% with the same your spending on ads now within 7-10 days. Just get in touch with us and we will be able to let you know quite quickly.

“How do you generate these leads?… Is it magic?”

Unfortunately for us… there’s no magic involved.

It’s blood, sweat (and the occasional tear), with a good measure of skill and experience.

In a nutshell, we generate leads directly from your business’s website by offering your customers value-adding online tools (if you watched the video, you will know how) in exchange for their contact details. These tools might be product-selector tools, online quoting tools or anything else that will help your customers solve a burning problem or fulfil a burning desire.

Once we have something that converts visitors well, we then drive targeted traffic to your website using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or any other advertising method that can pinpoint your target market.

Then it’s a matter of measuring EVERYTHING and tweaking, refining and improving over time.

“How can I be sure they are going to be great leads?”

All of the leads we send to you are generated FROM your own website.

These people are asking to speak to you about your products or services and have reached out to you.

That’s as qualified as it gets! Plus, we have no lock-in agreements after setup, so you can leave at any time.

“This sounds too good to be true. Is there a catch? Why do you do it this way?”

Great! If you think it sounds too good to be true… we’ve done our job.

You see, the reason we do business this way is twofold:

  1. By offering you a low risk, results-based pricing structure, it means our services – quite literally – sell themselves. And we can get on with doing what we’re best at (raking in profitable leads for your business).
  2. We’re very confident in the quality of our marketing and are more than happy to accept bulk of the risk.

“What are the costs associated with getting your to help us generate leads?”

  1. A monthly management fee – this covers our costs to keep your campaign working and also improving it – there are no lock in contracts here. This is $550 per month for a single service/product – there is a small additional charge for additional services.
  2. Small Setup Fee – only after the first month, once you have told us you are happy and want to continue, do we charge you a $999 fee for setting up the campaign.
  3. Google or/and Facebook ad spend – you will need to spend money with Google or Facebook to get them to show your ads – to start with we say $1,000 per month.

“When you can “lead” what does that mean?”

A lead is either a phone call to your business or written lead from your website that originated from one of our online marketing campaigns.

Every visitor is tagged so you can see exactly where they came from and verify the calls and leads you received directly from our campaign.

“How is this invoiced?”

We ask you to put down a $550 refundable deposit for us to get started. After 30 days, if you are happy with the leads, then we charge a one-time setup fee of $999, and you pay us $550 a month from then on to manage and maintain your ads.

If you aren’t happy after the first month, we refund your $550 and you walk away with nothing more to pay.

“Ok I’m convinced… How do I get started?”

That’s our favourite question!

Just click the button below, answer a few short questions about your business and we’ll be in touch to arrange an obligation-free consultation.

Together, we’ll jump on the phone, discuss your business and create a strategy to skyrocket your online marketing.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Will This Work For Your Business?
(Just Answer 7 Simple Questions To Find Out)