by James Jackson

Ah… that feeling of the sun biting your back on a cool morning as you sit on a boat or jetty waiting for the big one.

The near silence, with just the birds chirping and the occasional fish slapping as it jumps out of the water.

The silent relaxing waiting when you can finally relax and let your mind wander.

Then you hear it.

The sound of your rod bump-bump-bumping across the pier or boat as a fish takes off with your bait.

It makes your heart skip a beat.

Is there any better noise than that thump-thump-thump whirrrrrr when a monster gets a hold of your hook?

Okay – maybe the sound of cracking a beer on a hot day comes in a close second.

Now, I have to preface today’s podcast – if you are a fisherman, you will probably get it…

…otherwise you will probably think this post is kind of delusional.

Well – to hell with it, todays podcast is a self-indulgent one for my fellow fisherman out there.

Stick around though, and you just might learn a thing or two about what fishing can teach you marketing and getting more leads for your business.

It could even inspire you to dust off the rods in your shed – let’s get into it.

#1. Use the right bait for the right fish

Just like every fish has different tastes, so do all of your different types of customers.

You might have commercial and residential customers, you might have different services or products that appeal to different segments.

When targeting a specific fish species you choose bait that is most suited to that fish:

  • Freshwater water fish that feeds off the bottom – worms.
  • A saltwater fish with a soft mouth – a soft bait like a mussel or prawn.

It is the same with your customers:

  • Consumer? They might want a direct quote
  • Business? They might want a free ebook or business analysis

The point here isn’t to tell you the perfect bait for your prospect – only to get you to realise that asking all of your different customer types to take the same action isn’t always going to work.

I mean sure – the hungriest fish will try anything.

But using the same bait – or offer – for all your different customer types is going to leave a lot of money on the table.

This also goes back to a previous podcast where I discuss setting up a different page on your website for each of your different customer types so that you can communicate with them more clearly.

Do all the pages on your website need to ask someone to call? Is there a better offer that is more suited to that customer type?

What is the absolute most irresistible bait you can put in front of your prospects?

Something to think about…

#2. Go to where the fish are biting

I don’t know about you, but before I head out fishing, I always like to read the fishing report first.

Fish can be a bit fickle and where they are is constantly changing.

It doesn’t always help – but it improves my chances that for sure.

This is just like marketing except that people are much more predictable than fish and are normally biting in the same places.

So, find where they are biting once, and chances are they will be biting there next week.

Examples of places that are filled with “hungry fish” is of course Google.

These people are actively searching out what you do here and are BITING.

Now, I feel like everytime I mention advertising on Google I have to put a big Astericks because so many people have had bad experiences.

Let me be completely blunt with you – there is no faster way for you to get leads than Google Adwords, and if it didn’t work for you it either wasn’t setup properly, or/and you don’t have a clear advantage over your competition.

It is where the fish are biting – so it’s time for some self reflection.

#3. It makes sense to have multiple rods in the water

Exactly as I said earlier, different baits catch different types of fish.

And sometimes the easiest way to find out what the fish are biting on is to try a few different things at once – rather than one at a time.

With your marketing this means trying different offers, ads and marketing channels till you find the perfect one.

Then once you do find your winning bait, allocate all of your resources (being time and money) to that channel maximise the number of new customers that you catch.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and try different appeals, prices, headlines and offers for your customers.

#4. Somedays you win, other days you lose – but to get the big one, you need to be amongst it

There is one reason that we all head out fishing – and that’s to catch the big one.

The fish of a lifetime.

The same goes with marketing for new clients.

We market to try and get the biggest and best deals – perhaps the business deal of a lifetime.

Sometimes we win with our lead generation efforts, sometimes we lose and it costs us money.

Just like fishing – the journey can be exciting, frustrating, costly and really rewarding.

But, to even have a shot at the big one we have to keep trying, testing and investing to stay ahead.

The search never stops!

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